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ABOUT 2023

interior design living room sofa

The Futureplans Group | Futureplans Design Consultancy | Under Construction | Carpe Diem Custom Woodworks

Fabrizio Bird


Amber Lazar


Futureplans is a multi-disciplinary company with design at its core, specialising in residential design. Founded in 2014, Futureplans has since then, gone on to continuously increase the number of its enthusiasts and satisfied clients across Singapore.

Futureplans is a team of passionate and professional designers with the mission set high on satisfying the needs of our clients. With a wealth of our design knowledge, we translate them into every project while interpreting our clients' dream. Together we are committed to a highly personalised experience with a belief that creating a home can and should be an enjoyable process.


Our team thrives on creative ideas and challenging the conventional. Every project reveals an infinite number of possibilities. We are always in the relentless pursuit of quality and practicality while maintaining the aesthetics, dedicated to exceeding the potential of a space by presenting bespoke and striking outcome in every project.

Ruby Lock


Oscar Segel


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